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The built environment, of which, you live, learn, and work operates as a dynamic system to support comfort, moisture control, air quality, and wellness. We perform multidisciplinary property assessments to detect imbalances and deficiencies for the creation of healthier indoor environments.

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Our Approach

Biological contamination in a property can sometimes be obvious, but many times it is unseen and undetected by homeowners and property managers. The ability to successfully restore indoor environmental health starts with identifying past and present sources of moisture and poor ventilation. We perform a multi-disciplinary assessment of the property to identify deficiencies and imbalances, characterize the air quality, and make informed recommendations for sustainable indoor health.

Root Cause “B4” Assessment

  • Background: History of property and occupant health concerns

  • Behaviors: How the property is used

  • Balance: Building Science assessment of HVAC, Envelope, and Occupant Behaviors

  • Biology: Environmental testing tailored to property and occupant needs

Too often, we see remediation efforts fail. These failures are not necessarily due to the lack of execution by the remediation contractor, but to a lack of education by an environmental inspector and/or remediation contractor. We understand that health stakes are often at the highest level and a comprehensive approach is needed. It is imperative to understand the systems and dynamics of an indoor space to accurately identify the underlying sources of dampness and humidity that, overtime, allow poor air quality to return.

Collectively, our team has been solving problems related to indoor air, moisture intrusion investigation, mold, and construction defects for over 25 years. We leverage our building science and indoor air quality backgrounds to define the problem and prescribe a holistic solution with unique transparency and 3rd party laboratory verification.

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