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The built environment, of which, you live, learn, and work operates as a dynamic system to support comfort, moisture control, air quality, and wellness. We perform multidisciplinary property assessments to detect imbalances and deficiencies for the creation of healthy indoor environments.

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The effects of mold and fungal contamination on your health and property can come out of nowhere, often requiring you to endure a complex set of steps to get things back to normal. Too often, we see remediation efforts leave the indoor environment worse than it was before. We provide holistic remediation that removes airborne inhalation hazards without poisoning the air while reducing the spread of contamination.

Did you know that Mold is present everywhere? But how do you know when it has become a problem? Mold can grow in your home, business, car, gym, or even daycare without being detected before it becomes a problem. Exposure to low levels of fungal growth over extended periods of time can often result in individuals developing allergic sensitivities.

We integrate a two-step patented process with traditional remediation methods to provide safe solutions that are not only less invasive, more effective, and affordable, but are backed by 3rd party research and guaranteed results.

Collectively, our team has been solving problems related to indoor air, moisture, mold, and construction for over 25 years. We use backgrounds in building science and indoor air quality to define the problem and prescribe a guaranteed solution with 3rd party laboratory confirmation. We want you feeling and breathing well and take pride in the science and technology to get you there.


Our new non-invasive technology follows a patented process to eliminate all mold, bacteria, viruses, and the spores of mold in the entirety of the home, while remaining EPA safe for pets, plants, and food contact. Our non toxic EPA-approved dry fog system casts micro droplets into the unseen crevices of the home and HVAC to neutralize all harmful microbial life without getting anything wet.

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