It’s Becoming Common in the Workplace

Have you heard of health complaints from your people? Would you like to know if there is an indoor environment issue that needs attention? Do you suspect an air quality issue inside your business office?

The Charleston, SC-area climate presents particular challenges for maintaining a dry and comfortable work space.

Water Wants Into Every Building

Whether you operate out of a historic building or a new office, the forces acting on our indoor spaces are formidable and the cumulative affect provides the presence of increased moisture. Without intervention, work spaces can quickly provide conditions suitable for fungal growth. Those conditions include:

  • Humidity
  • Water Table
  • Condensation
  • Past Water Damage
  • Tidal Flooding
  • Wind Driven Rain
  • Hurricanes

“80% of all buildings have had water damage at some point in the past and 50% of all buildings are leaking now” -EPA

You’re Not a Bad Boss

Improper remediation of past water damage can cause air quality issues. Likewise, incorrect HVAC balance can put employees and occupants at risk of inhalation hazards.

If you have mold, mildew or other such issues, it doesn’t mean you are a negligent employer. It’s just part of the constant battle to be comfortable and dry indoors in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Pure Maintenance air quality experts work with the most discerning firms to achieve sustainable solutions by understanding the building, its use, and its people. We provide air quality testing and mold investigations. We take a comprehensive approach to determine the indoor environment conditions of your Charleston area business and property. We define the root of the problem and devise a specific scope of work that will guarantee the safe removal of mold and harmful pathogens from the space without costly downtime (we are in and out in less than a day).

We Can Fix It

In addition to mold remediation, we provide a comprehensive disinfection of the interior volume of the building and HVAC through our proprietary
Dry Fog System.

Our two-step dry fog system eliminates the following pathogens:


Bac. subtilis

Count per mL

6 x10^6

Time for 100% kill in minutes



Senior and Nursing Care Facility

Professional Office Buildings

Gyms & Locker Rooms

Day Care Centers

School Facilities

Ambulances, Boats & Airplanes

Conventional disinfection methods generally include spraying and wiping down interior surfaces. However, despite stringent controls, these techniques often fail by inadvertently spreading contaminants and using chemicals that expose occupants to hazards that still fail to reach all areas,