We go deeper and further

Over 250,000 mold spores can be represented on the head of a needle. Demolition, air cleaners, and other conventional methods are limited in their ability to contain, reach and remove all mold and pathogens. Although efforts are made to avoid cross contamination through conventional approaches, post verification tests often fail to meet air quality standards.

We blend the principles of the traditional S520 remediation standard with modern technology to reach deeper into the walls, floors, and HVAC systems by completely engulfing the interior volume of space with our two-step system. Our unique dry fog doesn’t just kill mold and mold spores, but also eliminates bacteria and viruses, denaturing all harmful pathogens into inert matter. Meaning, it is broken down through lysis and is no longer be considered the material it was…and all this is GUARANTEED.

We get in and out

Traditional mold remediation can take weeks, involving demolition of your space and a much longer time of completion — and that somehow always seems to get delayed.. Our demolition-free process reduces prep time and post cleanup allowing treatment of the entire home in less than 6 hours. Better still, the space is ready to resume occupancy and life within 2 hours after completion.

We efficiently accommodate your time constraints associated with real estate transactions, special health concerns, and occupancy needs.

We save you money

Conventional mold remediation can require extensive tear out and restoration, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Not only is our patented process more effective at restoring the indoor environment, but the need for demolition and rebuilding is drastically reduced, along with your out of pocket expense. Traditional remediation projects cost $15,000 – $25,000. We often achieve guaranteed results for a fraction of the cost, averaging $2500-$3500 for the average home.

We ensure safety

Our proprietary process uses a non toxic EPA-approved sterilant that is safe for people, pets, and plants. In fact, there’s no need to remove the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, because its FDA safe for food contact as well.

Why is our system more effective?

The power of our 2-step dry fog technology

Our proprietary mold removal process uses a two-step system to fill the volume of the building with an EPA-approved non-toxic dry fog that eliminates all forms of biological pathogens in the air and every critical surface of your home or office.

This dry fog is composed of microscopic particles that eliminates everything from black mold and mold spores to bacteria and viruses- without leaving any wet residue. That’s right. We want you to leave all of your furnishings in place because everything gets treated. After a treatment, you’ll pass an air quality test with no problem.

Sound too good to be true?

Over 5,000 successfully treated homes say otherwise

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