Do you suspect an air quality issue in your home?

Mold is present everywhere, but how do you know when it has become a problem and health risk to you and your family?  Mold can grow in your home without being detected before it becomes a problem.

A government study estimated that almost 50% of all illness is a result of exposure to indoor air pollution. Exposure to low levels of fungal growth over extended periods of time can result in the development of allergic sensitivities.

Do you suspect something in your home?  Are you or a family member experiencing on-going symptoms?

Pure Maintenance tests indoor air quality and safely removes mold in Charleston, SC

See evidence of water damage or discoloration?  Feel better when you leave the building? Has your immune system been compromised by a sickness or do you have particular sensitivities to microbials?

We understand it can be critical for many homeowners to maintain a high quality of indoor air.  Locating and removing a contaminant that can fit on the head of a needle 250,000 times is daunting with conventional cleaning methods.  However, with our two-step dry fog system, not only is it possible, the results are guaranteed. Our non toxic EPA-approved dry fog system is able to reach and treat the entire interior volume of the home.  No harmful mold, virus or bacteria can evade our treatment that comes with the 6 month residual protection guarantee. We have helped hundreds of children and adults regain their wellness at home while many other health conscious families choose Pure Maintenance of South Carolina to maintain healthy indoor spaces.

“As people age, their bodies are less able to compensate for the effects of environmental hazards. Air pollution can aggravate heart disease and stroke, lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, and diabetes. This leads to increased medication use, more visits to health care providers, admissions to emergency rooms and hospitals, and even death.” -EPA’s