A comprehensive solution and guarantee that reduces sellers costs and brings peace of mind for buyers and tenants

Realtors and Property Managers

We understand the presence of mold in a property is particularly troublesome for real estate professionals.  Unfortunately, the moment the word “mold” enters the conversation paranoia and suspicion can grip a prospective buyer or tenant.

We have navigated hundreds of real estate transactions and tenant concerns related to mold and indoor air quality by offering time sensitive solutions with guaranteed results.

Our dry fog process is able to fill the interior volume of the home and HVAC eliminating mold, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on all surfaces without needing to remove a thing.  Our non-toxic EPA approved product is safe for pets and plants, while homeowners are safe to return within a couple hours after completion.

Our average application is 5 hours allowing deadlines to be met and safe homeowner return by evening.  The product is even FDA-approved for food contact, so that fruit bowl can even stay out. We conduct a post verification air test with a 3rd party laboratory to confirm results that can be given to your client.   The process is a 2 step application. The first step is a sterilant that renders mold non-viable without the need of demolition. The second step of the process lays down a biological barrier over all the interior surfaces which continues providing protection against mold growth- 90 days Guaranteed.