Health Care Professionals

There’s a gap

In Construction

It’s only been in the last 60 years that we’ve attempted to create an indoor lifestyle with air conditioning and individualized spaces.

Unfortunately, there has been a meaningful gap between the science of the built environment and the corresponding health of the occupants.

We have made homes tighter using vulnerable materials while sound building science for ventilation, air barriers, and HVAC design were not available or not appropriately taken into consideration.

In Understanding Environmental Effects

Our new indoor lifestyles coupled with construction practices intended to improve energy efficiency or save on building costs have had unintended consequences on the air we breathe.

Due to genomic research, we now know that one in four have a genetic predisposition that does not allow their bodies to remove microbial toxins. These who are susceptible to pollutants in their environment or who are immunocompromised have thus been left exposed. To make matters worse, many of the affected are renters who have had little available recourse to correct deficiencies in the home that are producing inhalation hazards.

In Remediation

Indoor spaces and their occupants all exist on a health spectrum.  Both the home and the occupant have independent histories that can, quickly or overtime, become woven together. We evaluate the property and interview the occupants to understand as much of the property history and health background as possible. The overlapping profile of each is what informs our holistic pathway toward not only safely remediating the indoor environment, but ensuring long-term preventative measures.

The mechanical system and ductwork serves as the lungs of the home and we pay particular attention to the HVAC system to ensure proper filtration, moisture control, and balanced envelope pressure.

Traditional remediation approaches have unfortunately fallen short of being able to consistently produce a clean indoor space for the general public, and especially those most vulnerable to their environment.

Escalating Climate Impact:

Storm Frequency/Severity

Flooding/Tidal Flooding



Water Table

Lets Close the Gap Together

We know that people and their indoor environments all exist on a spectrum of corresponding sensitivities and infammagins.
We leverage backgrounds in building science, IAQ investigations, and fungal ecology to identify the source of underlying moisture sources and the scale of contamination.
We provide a holistic approach by collaborating with health practitioners to provide an informed remediation protocol tailored to the specific needs of the indoor space and the occupant.

We have partnerships with functional medicine practitioners, naturopathic, and integrative health providers across the country that, together, we have been able to help restore wellness to thousands of individuals.